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We are the young believers
Of a world without rules
The plague against deceivers
A freak show for the fools
Some want us six feet under
They just can't take the truth
But they just feed the hunger
Of our wicked youth
Try to strangle me i will not plead
I could end up dying but my soul is free
We won't change the world
Till we're dead and burned
But the wold will never change me
Superficial race
Tries to change our ways
But the world will never change me
Some say we are the poison
I say we are the cure
When fighting for a reason
You'll end up wanting more
Derived from strong conviction
We're standing by our roots
Come join the new religion
Sinners for the truth
You could strap me down
But i would still be sane
I will fight you back
Till we go down in flames
The world where we live
Is barren place
We live and breath
Though we've fallen from grace
The time will come
When we'll inherit the earth
We carry this flag

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