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Missin' You - lyrics

You can see baby
In my eyes and in my heart
What it does mean
To be without you now
I can remember all the time
Spent in your arms
How much we liked to be
So close with our hearts
I can't explain
The way you make me feel
But there's no one else
Could even do the same
Both we know what
We're goin' through
Both we know how much
This is worth too
But now it hurts
Cuz we are so far away
And we gotta wait
Being apart
Wish I was with you tonight
I'd be with you tonight
You know I'm comin'
To spend my life with you
Nobody or nuthin' could ever
Stop me to
I'm always thinkin' 'bout
The days I'll be with you
I jut can't wait to make
This dream come true

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