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See ya later - lyrics

She's still up at five
She faught me all this time
She made me mad all night
I can't take anymore
Now we live together
I don't want this hell forever
Si I'm writin' her a letter
I'm gonna leave for a while
I guess it's time for a break
I need my space
I need some breath
And it's not what you think and now
So please don't come with me
I'm gonna see ya later and now
So please don't follow me
It's not goodbye tonight
So please don't ask me why
I'm sure ya know don't make me lie
So please don't bother me
I won't be home for a while
Now she keeps on drinkin'
I got my stuff together
I'm gettin' out the door
I'm ready to move on
She's still reggin' me
To give her another chance
She says to be with her
he wants to work things out
You say it's all my fault as well
And you don't see you're mistakin'
So bad
What should I do tonight
Tell me baby cuz I can't stay here

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