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Crushing against the opponent's will
Our troops manifest an intent to kill
We marched towards a far off land
We'll punish those who oppose our plans

With steel gleaming in the cold moonlight
Enchanted arms to continue our fight
A glorious victory at hand
Here is where we make our stand

The morale of the fallen ones
Is manufactured by their midnight sun
It gives them power across the plains
They'll not relent till we're in chains

Fighting opposing we push for liberty
We march on for victory

Hearing her voice
Command across the sea
Guiding us to our crimson glory
Even though we may fall
Our progress will not stall
We live for our maiden's call

Their full on assault against our lads
Took away the family that I once had
I swear to her, I'll get them back
March to their gates, the village I'll sack

We smashed through their gates with our battering ram
We'll kill some motherfuckers and eat some ham!
The blood sprays high on all those around
No mercy for those who are found

We've reached the goal and the tomes are ours
Open the chests, filled with gold bars
We'll journey back with our spoils in arms
These gems will keep my men from harm

Fighting opposing we push for liberty
We march on for victory

We will rise
Hear our call
So sing along
For one and all

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