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One Step to the Lake Below - lyrics

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There's a lake far beyond
Which is making you strong
And will wash away your pain
But the power that you'll get
Has a dark side - don't forget
Every magic has its price
And the guardian is waiting for you...
You'll always get stronger - just believe
Past will be fading - no more mourn
Just one step to the lake below
So drink from the lake below
And let all your memories flow
Free the burden from your chest
Wash away all your guilt
And the house of sorrow you've built
Free your heart from the chains of past
And the guardian's still waiting for you...
Your heart will be free - just believe
A different man - you will be
Just one step to the lake below
Let the journey begin...
Have you forgotten that every magic has its price?
Have you forgotten what I've told?
Your memories will disappear
And free is your mind from all the pain
You have suffered in your whole life
You can start a new life without pain
But all - yes all your memories will fade away
The lake is covered with fog so cold and my mind is getting free
But where am I from?
Where do I belong?
Who are the people I love?
Where is the wife I adored?
The chains I've broken have built new chains unbreakable!!
And all of a sudden it reveals to me what price I have to pay...

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