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Get It - lyrics

You always claimed yourself to be a saint
But the truth is that you know you’re insane
You always need to be causing a pain
But I see through you
And now I go away
I’m through with wastin’ my time
I’m not giving in
Don’t even try to lie
I know that misery
Still you try to fight
With me and my empathy
I never came up with such an irony

Don’t try to make it precious
Don’t act like you’re someone
Cause I know you’re trying to put me down
I don’t care about none of your wishes
I don’t care if you need someone
You are not the one who I thought I’ve found

I’m through with wasting my time
I’m telling you again
Say whatever you want
I don’t give a damn
So tired of your lies
Save your bullshit for yourself
This ends now
And I can go away

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