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Dance, friends, music and disco ball
Good party atmosphere and that's not all
Her hot eyes, she's moving to me and looking back
I'm nervous, I think I'm having a heart attack.
I am standing here like a little boy
Pumping the bass up, striking the joy
I'm trying but I can't calm down
I can't control, I've got no self control, I fell in love.
When you're moving and looking back sadly
My heart is in tears and blue.
When you're moving and just looking at me
My lonely heartbeat is... arrhythmic (arrhythmic)
Arrhythmic (arrhythmic)
Arrhythmic (arrhythmic)
The rhythm takes you to me, me to you
Baby, I know well, you want me too
But our heartbeats are so different
Cause you are a woman and I'm a man.
The rhythm takes me back when you were 7teen
The time was really great, it's like a dream
Save the feelings, don't let them go, baby, hit them!
Save it into your heart and follow the a-rhythm.

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