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Nobody Is Home - lyrics

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Rap 1:
Listen to the dancefloor beat
Oh I'm missing body heat
missed by every boy and girl
babe just all over the world
I'm gonna find it in my flat
This idea is not so bad
I guess it will be in a wine glass
Oh my god, I made a mess
It wasn't there, it is true
in my bed for two too
I'm looking left, I'm looking right
I'm must find it tonight
I am going to the club
I'm gonna get in, pump it up
I'll never go, never go home
coz I don't wanna be alone!
Where is the love? - Where are you now?
Where is the love? - Where are you now?
Where is the love? (Tell me, baby - where is the love?)
Where are you now? (I wanna find it - love's all around)
Where is the love? (Give me your love - give me your pleasure)
Where are you now? (And I - I will give you all my heart)
Rap 2:
Disco, body to body
Everybody at the party
Yeah, I love old skool
Baby, it is so cool
Hey Mr. DJ! Play this track
Coz 90s are back
I hear the magic sound
From left, right, from above
Love's everywhere tonight
So why can't I find the fight?
I'd better take the chance
And show you how to dance
Shake your body to the groove
Shake it, shake it, baby move
Baby, watch my microphone
I'm saying: Life goes on!

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