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Under Cover - lyrics

Official lover - let me be your cover.
A need for speed - double power - a need for speed my love - Come on, Come on! - Double power!
Rap 1:
Don't tell your mother that you're my girl
Cause that crazy woman will break our world
She doesn't like me, so keep the secret
I don't do what she wants cause I know you like it
I'm that bad bad boy with wheels of flame
My only drug is you every night and day
Nothing's gonna stop my love to you that burns
Cause I'm your boy and you are my girl!
Oh baby, swear and tell me, there is no other
Oh baby, let me be your official lover
Oh baby, save me
If you need me, call me and I'll be your cover.
You are my love - so come on girl - I'll make you sweat - a need for speed.
Rap 2:
(Don't, don't, don't...)
Don't tell your daddy that I'm your boy
Cause that crazy dude will break our joy
He will break our love and stop the beat
Don't you worry, baby, I've got a need for speed
I'm a wild wild child with the wild wild style
I'm the best best man but there is no reason why
I'm still the last, I'm still the first
I'm your rebel, baby and you are my girl!

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