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We Will Make It Last Forever - lyrics

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I'm like a child in the night, all alone, devoured by dark
Could you please tell me how to forget the past?
Those I loved are now gone
I'm standing here, between two worlds
What to do? What to say? Raging, but I'm still the same
Should I give them one last chance?
Hope will never die - I can make it stay forever
Can bring the light - I will make it last forever
Hope will never die - I can make it stay forever
Everything is said and done
Evil won't survive
No, you cannot give up, to bury pain in the sands of time
Never! I don't know how I could live with that?
Oh no, I don't believe
That cruelty can just disappear
We all hope for new life without fear
In freedom's light
Strength is growing in our hearts!
No more lies, only truth
No one will tell us what to do
Final words, I'll decide
We will get back our lives
All together we will rise!

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