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Think a little bit
Before you say
The devil in my dreams is gettin' closer
To the real thing
Say what you mean and please don't leave out anything
Make me believe in all of your crazy dreams
'Cause all I really need is somebody
To break my heart
Cut into my bones and tear
Me apart
All I really need is somebody
To drive me insane
And feel that one more time before the feeling
Goes away
So here I am all alone in my car
My body's still here but my mind
Couldn't be more far
And I don't know where we're going
But I know who you are
And I can't move but the radio
Still does its part
I want to slow down but the driver
Is going too fast
The rain from outside is getting
All over the dash
And the faster we go, the longer
We'll never last
And the radio keeps saying
Life's a gas
'Cause you and I were just
Like the rain
We never mean to fall but we do it
And just as we came
We'll go away
'Cause you and I
We're just like the rain

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