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My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days - lyrics

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I'm getting sick of just about everything
It's not unusual to find
The ugliness slips too easily
Into a troubled mind
You try to run from the past
But there are some things you can't leave behind
Just like the first time you and I met
It's impossible to outrun the times
There's something between you and me
It feels like a new disease
It's gone through all the things I knew
And soon, it'll come for me
Cause I'm too young to be
Part of a dying breed
And I'm too young to see
That it's the breed that's killing me
And there's no easy way to say
That I'm leaving you behind
So I'll just bury myself away
Into my troubled mind
'Cause in my waking mind
Oh, I feel so far away
'Cause in my head these nights
Are more beautiful than your days
Can you hear me drift away?

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