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Coffeebreak 2 - lyrics

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Gotta get this in
I know the future will soon begin - so
Imma let you know
Think you made me but I ain’t yo hoe - no
Won’t rush the flow
If you’re there or not, may not even know, maaaan
Don’t need to know your plan,
You never call me back,
So don’t ask again - no
Shutting off my phone tonight, no one can get me
Imma take some time tonight to keep me steady
Okay I’m ready
I could do things for you if you’d let me - but
We both know what’s expected
your afraid of where that could get me
You don’t love me when I’m down, so you can’t upgrade me
been a long time coming bby
Hate to be your longings bby
Iv’e been makin bizness lately
Try me, I might patch you through
Don’t want to think less of you but I do
You say many things but you don’t pull through
I’m three steps ahead don´t have time for you
I don’t like it when I’m down so imma pick it up - tonight
It’s you that’s got to help yourself so I don’t wanna know what you think of me
yeah yeah yeah
Imma go
gotta get through that door
cause you only talk to me after a show
no no
it’s out of my control
to let things go - baby
Was the plan to make myself feel wrong
When I called just to hear you say no
no no no no no
Feel like I have something
I point it out, make me feel great again
you always seem to win
so my point doesn’t mean anything, does it?
not at all
got nothing in common, don’t get me wrong
I want everything you want so but I get so goddam distracted though
I'm healing
it’s my future beginning
cheesy as it sounds
It took me a while to see the things that I’m seeing now
I get it now
you won’t believe me
no point in telling you how you actually see me
won’t hear the meaning
So Imma make something that can show you that feeling

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