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... In a Complex Velocity - lyrics

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As you have pulled the trigger
you signed your death sentence
the cancer digests the life
disintegrate in an enormous speed
your intellect is limited in theoretic
reality discrepancy of divergence
hysteria of imbalance
resign to the chaos, resign to the reactor
radiation is tracking down the weakness of the body
complete infiltration
perforated organs, sickening from within
dissolving entrails decay, all-embracing enemy
invisible assassins squad, obtains the top
dead zone activation, steam cell putrefaction
enterthe final stage to face your own inability
rotting to the core, the origin of property
your paltry human soul is passing away
among a burst colossus, decomposed m.a.c.h.i.n.a.
fulfil the purpose, faulty unbeliver
simple human mind; lame recognition
false interpretation; low - reaction - level
the disaster prevails all humans it inhales on the zero-grounded power plant
beyond all the limits an elimination process and out-levelling in ascendancy
immune system collapsed virulent staggering in trance on the plant
apocalyptic circumstance suffer in your own reality
dehumanizing disaster in a complex velocity
miscarriage and crippling as delayed effects
as heir for you children, declare the fault as unknown
the descendants are in to pay for what you had done
at a contaminated place, called as home
sleeping cancer surrounds them as perceptible danger
the scars of time disappear only in decay
forsaken boundaries, outnumbered complexity
blind complexity
simple human mind; lame recognition
false interpretation; weak blind reaction

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