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This ain't no fucking sing along, bring it on
This that fuck everybody song
This that macchiato music, all I see is devil horns
Born in the morning, swarming and storming
Normal as Norman, grilling like Foreman
Give a fuck about y'all, your whole existence is boring
I done birthed a style that's versatile
Spread like fire through word of mouth
Underrated and overlooked, seen so many people turn me down
But it's turning out to be worth it now
Put them on a gurney, I'm serving now
Get murdered out if you turn around
Y'all worthless now, it's perfect now
I'm in cinnamon woman and living in sin and I'm giving them lip
And I pray for the day when I'm taken away a vaca' to Jamaica, let's dip
OK, I've been waiting for this too long, I'm back up on my shit again
They want to hear my shit again, this is D-Town, no Michigan
It's me, the motherfucking chosen one, this is D
I gave it to you free, so you owe me one
She said I like my coffee like I like my men
Tall, dark and bold, and I prefer them cold
Baby I'm here let's go
You only in control of what you show the world
Not what people tell the world about you
And it's not what I've done or where I come from
But mama it's what I'm about to do
I gotta' let them know
I let them know
I let them know
I talk with my actions
Just watch as I let them know
I let them know
I let them know
Two creams in that coffee, make it sweet
I let them know
[Verse 2]
I promised mama I'd make my grandpa' proud
And I'm working hard every day to do it but I ain't got no job now
Ain't got minimum wage, ain't got my bills paid
Ain't gone' front and say that everything is great
Cause' it ain't, but I'm here
Die in peace, live in fear
Tried to go against the grain, I don't adhere, and I don't appear
In clubs I just relax, I don't lie, I just state facts
If you don't understand me at least you understand that
Sometimes I rap about clothes and shit cause' the rest is too real
And it's too hard, to feel, balancing on two wheels
Two heels, I hear it coming, I'm trying to make it out alive
Cause' first she'll suck you in, suck you off and then suck you dry
Sucks to try, I fail and lie, and act like everything is alright
Cause' you know that life is short and baby we only have tonight
Ok though, we in the same boat, sky is crying but I see rainbows
Everything can be fixed with a change of attitude and a change of clothes
No I don't give a fuck, no I don't give a fuck
No I don't give a fuck, what they say about me x4

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Young, Loved,Hated & Broke