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I met the girl of my dreams in a coffee shop last week
Somewhere on the Lower East Side
She walked in the door with her dog and a friend
Who was lost in the New York Times
I am pacing back and forth feeling nervous
Accidentally spilled my coffee on purpose
Hoping she'd notice, she turned away
Paid the cashier, have a nice day
I'm waiting for the train, I'm watching the people
So busy as they all walk by
The doors they slide open, it's hot and it's crowded
Living in these New York Times
I am not to be bothered by no one
Put on my headphones to drown the commotion
But a fight breaks out right in front of me
Get off at the next stop before they try to run on me
I look for love everywhere I go
I've been asking why is the world so cold?
Been tempted twice, will I sell my soul?
I keep asking why is the world so cold?
So cold, so cold, is the world so cold?
So cold, so cold, is the world so cold?
[Verse 2]
I'm Hollywood bound with a dollar and lint
In my pocket, but I'm doing fine
Meeting at two, but I'll probably be late
Cause I'm still stuck on New York time
Then I get stuck in traffic for an hour
Wise man told me, "patience is power"
But he probably wasn't stuck in traffic, was he?
It's crazy how the 405 is ugly
Now I'm lost in a small town somewhere outside Phoenix
Decided to go for a drive
This place looks Brooklyn, I'm loving it here
And I'm having a New York Time
Except I can really see the stars right above me
No pollution, nothing but me
Suddenly the city lights flash
Then I'm right back, just like that
[Verse 3]
Left to die, lived to tell
Summer's gone, wish you well
But I don't know where I'm driving to, driving crazy
Driving Miss Daisy 'til I'm pushing up daises
It may be that the woman I met who told me never forget
Was the same one who left and made me live with this regret
No talking now, I'm walking now, just put me in a coffin now
Throw me in the ground, I hope they miss when I'm not around
But I'll be fine, cause in due time, I'll start to climb
And reach my prime, then walk the line, I free my mind sometimes
When you least want it, that's when life will throw you the signs
Cause if love is what you're looking for, it's love you'll never find

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