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440 (King of the Road) - lyrics


Hear the thunder tearing down the street adrenaline in my veins
A hundered and twenty, im moving fast and i dont care where im heading too
V8 power underneath my feet, the freeway becomes my domain
Better move aside because im coming through and i aint gonna stop for you

Yeah, Im on the road again
Moving (moving) up a gear
and it feels so good (yeah)

she's my four fourty
she's my four fourty

My foot is to the floor and the nitro's on full with no sign of stopping soon
A hundred and thirty - still going on strong and it feels so good to be free
With 8 litres of earth shaking power theres no-one left who can stop me
Cos there aint no substitute for cubic inches, 8 cylinders roar in tune

Yeah, I'm pushing harder
Pedal (pedal) to the metal
And i aint gonna stop (no)

King of the road in my four fourty
High octane reigns, this world is my own
King of the road in my crown of chrome
Stay outta way cos the road is my throne

she's my four fourty
she's my four fourty


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