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Don't say another word
Your power fading and your voice no longer heard
On borrowed time, where will you run to?
Words from a heart of rage, this song i sing for you

Contempt too good for you, your demise your own creation
Stabbing me in the back without a moment's hesitation

The truth is plain to see

Look in the mirror at what you've become
Too late to forgive you now the damage has been done
Burn down your bridges, but tell me why
Look into my eyes and tell me one more lie

Crushing innocence to satisfy your fraudulence
Your every word akin with putrid flatulence
Deceiving those who care and stealing from the blind
You're running out of time old man you're being left behind

The truth is plain to see
You're a liar and that's all you mean to me

The truth is plain to see
And that's all you mean to me
You're a liar
And that's all you'll ever be
You're a liar

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Trial by Fire