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Trial by Fire - lyrics


Mankind is at war our futures ill-fated
Our world is a hell in which we have created
The war machine moves in our nightmares realising
Shrapnel is flying the death toll is rising
Gunfire and bomb-blasts roar into the night
Forced into hiding for tomorrows first light
Bloodstains and tears met by world leaders fears
the cries of our children falling on deaf ears

The armies march out, they're certain to die
Like lambs to the slaughter, nobody knows why
This is our future

Trial by fire the apocalypse rules
Our trust is neglected by gun-happy fools
Trial by fire, the end is in sight
The leaders preach on, we continue to fight

Legions of soldiers and tanks block the roads
While bombers above are discharging their payloads
Napalm is screaming the fires rage up high
Ten thousand more men are still destined to die
Deaths grip will tighten as tension now heightens
World powers clashing like mythical titans
The irony is that we're fighting for peace
Attacked from the north, south, the west and the east

The countdowns begun, the warhead is armed
Public hysteria can no longer be calmed
launch the polaris

Nuclear holocaust - the only way forward,
Its kills and lays waste to all in its path
A poison silence is all that remains
As we begin to see now our insanity's wrath
Politicians debate over whos wrong and whos right
Inventing more reasons to continue this fight
The armies wont rest till we're all blown to dust
They're brainwashed by mankind's blood-lust

Trial by fire Armageddon is here
Our trust still abused by creators of fear
Trial by fire our future will tell
The leaders preach on as we all burn in hell

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Trial by Fire