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Send them niggas down the way so they can get bombed

They don't know I got the land mines in the lawn

I'mma get you sucka, from the moment that you pull the truck up

Get the fuck out and shut the fuck up

You gettin' stuck up

In front of all ya niggas

at The Rucker

Tough luck, motherfucker

Unless you want everybody to suffer

Stop it before I cock back and put some hot shit

Up in the cockpit

Get on some on-the-block shit

Get all up in yo pockets

It's not a game: gimme the change

Six in the door, one in the brain

Fifth-gear gas in the flow, switchin' the lanes

I gets down diggy-down down, flexin' downtown

Six bitches in the whip, equipped with surround sound

Bump it so the hood know I'm comin' through in a minute

Windows tinted when you see me in it, thought it was a rented (nope)

As you can see, it's just Jem and his women

This minute, the six truck procession behind us

Jem and them keep gentlemen tremblin'

Could be some trouble simmerin'

Remember when I used to start niggas out with the Timberlands?

A hundred niggas outside the club, Jim Gitterman

But if a bag of cinnamon brown-skinned shorty, then I'm in to win

Need trim, like a big truck need rims

Like a baller need a Maybach Benz, what?

Shorty get me off, I call back then, yup

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