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Darkened Dawn - lyrics


An empty space, this piece of paper hurts my eyes
But no way out, must face the truth
Just lonely words on white express my silent cries
The final chapter of my youth

No time to wait, this is my fate
Now is the dawning of new days
Go down this line, no wasted time
No further years kept in this maze

Through the years our hate is growing
Been burning us from inside
And our pain is taking over
All of our hope in the night

Within the light I see our past so burning bright
The crimson frost has melt away
As daylight fades we see the dawning of the night
Last vision of a darkest day

A frozen tear, I weep and fear
The shadows from a baneful sky
And all is gone, we come undone
Just with the last blink of a eye

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

Dark at Dawn

Dark At Dawn lyrics