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The Passage - lyrics


And now we
Are on the way
Home is left behind
A leap in the dark
Embraced by waves
And framed by stars
Southerly land to find
May Kupe's spirit guide
Our way on oceans wide

The thoughts are flying
So far away from home
The whales are breathing memories of
The navigator's tale
The wind is leading
Us on our strenuous way
The waka is gliding proud and splendid
On uncertain trail
May Kupe's spirit guide
Our way on oceans wide

Distant land of dreams
Cloud-capped slopes bear silver streams
Birds so fair
Stir the air
Where tall trees gently sway

Land where ancients roam
Longing for your pleasant home
So, on and on!
Rehua is bright'ning our way

Through heavy storm and icy water
We keep our course - down south

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

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