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The Cleansing Fires - lyrics

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[I - Reconciliation]
Night betrayed the day
I collapsed into my shell
As the scars reshaped my face
Mercy reared its head
And forgiveness lost its charm
As the cries at once fell dead
And if in the shards that surround me
One fragment of hope remains
If these paranoid wishes have come unchained
Better to wish them away
Better to save this last embrace
And give this nightmare closure
Ghosts of madness fled
And the master lost his breath
As the fear inside fell dead...
[II - Mother Of Agony]
Now forever laid in this pristine grave,
They whisper their tirades
Children of tragedy cry blasphemies, invisible and unclean.
So still in the presence of majesty
You will offer yourself to me, give in to me.
In a prison designed by me, frozen in fright at the sight of me
Now you will listen to me
Angel of the darkness created by me
Now you shall see
Better to quietly embrace the dancing fires
And learn to bathe yourself in pools of my desires
Mother of agony, now atrophies
Our union transcending days
Naked, in a state of emergency
Sweat feeding my urgency, give it to me
Submit to this tragedy unholy nymph - you bleed for me
Streaming like tears down your thighs
Now ever so gracefully washing me clean
Whisper to me
Better to readily embrace these raging fires
And learn to drown yourself in seas of my desires
[III - Endless Surrender]
By the bed the stench is best
Under tattered sheets we are blessed
The decay of dignity augments your unrest
Cloaked in silence, you cling to me
Soon you come to know loyalty
Serving me eternally in our den of beauty
Ever deceived by fate, suspended behind this gate
Anguish becoming me, endless surrender shapes me
[IV - Distorted Forms]
Twisted silhouettes and shadows grace the room
The sunlight has abandoned me
The hours are blurred, consciousness burns
This is my family
The lifeblood drains from me
Forging this grim reality, we fall into place,
Now we're...
Licking the skin (Aging within)
Soiling the whore (Tainting my fears)
Twisting the skin (Descent within)
Boiling the core (Tasting my tears)
Peeling the skin (Dying within)
Begging for more (Raping my soul)
Burning the skin (Decay within)
(Changing my soul)
Forever closing the door on perverse impurities
Father - Fracture - Failure
[V - Descent Within]
Pulsating thoughts impact like thunder
Mind going under
Despair rips me asunder
The ever fading voice of reason
Devoid and bleeding
Piercing numbness blinds my eyes
Our fantasies are weak and crumbling
Hope stays for one thing:
I know the end is coming
Daughter - Damage Danger
Better to cleanse this tainted world of its disease
And sacrifice sanity
I have been stripped of all but nothing's stopping me
Destiny's wrath ignites my soul
[VI - Ghosts Of Madness]
Night betrays the day, I am timeless (save me)
Mercy hides its face, turns away (raped me)
Ghosts of madness come, and their words (soothe me)
Master breathes his fear (fear) and the choking starts
Regret subdues my demons, purges my desires
Bright flames of lust subsiding, woven curse unravels flawed designs
I can see your face turn to grey (it pains me)
I can see your fear slowly fading (it scathes me)
Undone, the monster cowers loosening its grip
Overcome by searing weakness, turning to a sharp and blinding light
[VII - Children Of Failed Gods' Dismay]
Cut these chains of fractured days
Suffer the children yet he stays
I can see the ending tearing away from myself
Breaking shackles, fighting fate
Prisoners in this perfect grave
Sanctify this union, children of failed gods' dismay
Moments lapse, burning sweat fills my anguished eyes
These pains revive me
Rage inside me guides my hand so swift and unrestrained
Better to recklessly abandon final hope
As the cleansing fires engulf your soul

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