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Crimson Sky - lyrics

On the field the battle rages on...
Before the eyes only cruelty and violence...
Lots of battles,
Victories and defeats as the years passed by...
Prelude to the battle
Under a crimson sky
Power up your strength, man
it's the only thing that you can do
None is it your side
and nothing to show to anyone
except to yourself
Don't take care for who doesn't understand
Go on crafty to the goal
it won't be shadows of fool
that will calm down your thirsty of future
break down In hindrances
break down the walls
Rise from the smoke, from the dust
take your spirit and show it to who can see
And you'll cry, oh warrior
'cause that you've done for you
it was done for the joy of your people,
for the love of your woman,
for the glory of your ideals
Let the power of the bear
seize yourself in the right time
that it beats with your arm
do it trip, torment, desecrate
the weak flesh of the oppressor
Under a crimson sky
(bridge 2)
Rise your head to the sun that can blind you
paint your face with colours of pain

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