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Light of the New Age - lyrics

The Chosen One began a dangerous journey
Through the Dwarf-Woods, the Dragon's Valleys
and the High Rooky Mountains but his trip
would also lead him to know himself
and his power...
Farewell mother, your time is come!
Trust in God, this is only a goodbye.
The destiny takes rate to the high-lands
where everything finished for a new start.
The Trolls' mountain and the sovraign's castles
Won't be a problem 'cause the Rune will guide me.
The evil has left only death-lands
I will plant the new seed of life.
The light of the new age,
and everything is in my hands
when tine light of the new age will come,
I'll pray and I'll fly;
The dwarf wood won't stop me and the
Dragon's fired lands will open my way
With the darkness behind,
I must light a Dark Horizon
the power of my steel in a hand
the magic in the other one
II fly trough the higher top
An unknown God takes me to
I'll triumph (the Gods will shot my name)
I'm alone (won't stop my power)
I won't betray (who trust in me)
I'm the chosen (for a dream)

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