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Master of the Bright Sea - lyrics

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Carved in a stone
I found the ancient rhymes
Signed with blood
and remained in time
Tales of a brave man who saved my life
and his endless fight
He was left alone
the day that he died
his body was lost
the last battle's night
but down in the abyss of an ocean of light
his spirit survived
One day I saw his image on the water
He crossed the golden shore and came to me
He put his silver sword on my shoulder
And I knew my destiny
The master of the bright sea
Showed me in the sand
The last moment before his end
Then talked to me of his will
He chose me to be
The only heir to his steel
Deep in the blue
Under a liquid sky
A ray of the moon
was turned to ice
and I walked on that road leaving my fears behind
I followed his sign
In the streams of the north
Sirens cried loud my name
The vision I saw
disappeared in the haze
but I could not forget that man on the waves
and the power of his blade

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