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Neverending Battle - lyrics

The story of the elder was near to the end and,
seeing a magic glitter in the boy's eyes,
he decided to tell his listener the truth...
he was the Chosen One...
Ex in animo tuo sortem tua reperis,
qua re vitae tuam in potestatem habeas et
tibi ipsi confide ego sum filius deum
We can fight once way in the life,
but we have a battle yet to end;
Near this fire I'll tell you the art of the knight
don't be coward and learn to defend!
Dark in the eyes, terrified by the warriors,
stay careful and remember my words:
they move towards you slowly and sinisterly
what can they do, but pray for the holy Lords
When the fog will rise and the moon will shine
through a breathtaking scene will lay before you
By the hand of the great Wizard you'll move
the sword and never, never shall they be happy:
(no) more
You'll live in the glory of the neverending battle
where only who kills can stay alive
and fight forever.
You'll live the glory of the neverending battle
for restoring the rightful
and overcoming the evil
The hot winds of death fill your soul of pride
your body is stained from the blood of the hatred,
All goes quiet and the moonlight shines bright
and a whisper from the nothingness
brings the rest
(bridge) - (chorus)

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