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Painted in Blood - lyrics

Dark was the light when he awaked from a nightmare
Silently she left her room
Another sleepless night afraid to face the truth
Enslaved by the passion he had
He came to her in a while
She was still there in her bed,
Angel dressed in white
Sat by her side he looked into her eyes
Wondering why she cried those tears that night
He didn't know why
Prisoner of his love for her
he couldn't take it anymore
but nobody could ever know
what she felt for him
cause mysteriously she died
Painted in blood
A red moonlight shines on the crime of his love
It's her body dying, what is on the floor
Painted in blood
A red moonlight shines on the sign of his love
A Picture of her smiling now is on the wall
Obscured his mind by despair
Tired of all those lies
He put his hand on her head
And turned off the lights
She could understand that it was the end
She could understand it was the end
Of the hopes she had
It was the end
The same night she died
The same red moon was in the sky
It shined on that painted smile
and he died

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