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A wizard had spend a lifetime searching for
a way to defeat the Evil One,
but he had done all in vain.
One day, realizing that his life was near the end,
the Wizard had invoked the Great Wizard,
his last chance, hoping for an answer.
Finally the prophecy was unfolded : on a day
not far-off the Chosen One, the Son Of Gods,
will be born and he will be the one
who will face the Dark Lord.
The Words of the Great Wizard were written on
a rune which was given to the mother of
the Chosen One...
One day, when the light will fall down,
a shootin' star will draw a row of sparks
and Jupiter will see the moon's crown,
the fire and the ice will warp Mars
By the fog is written my destiny,
only destruction through this walls
the candle's lit shines insanity
so far away I hear the Wizard's call
Great Wizard take my crumpled hand
and bring me to the higher solution.
The life won't stop here in my land,
you can defeat death and destruction.
Great teacher gimme the power to carry on
don't let me die now! My mother must know
we'll save the humankind dead and gone
now, the world can hope, so break the law !
Open your secret book of the great truth
and leaf through the gone yellow-sheet
hours and hours of studying for the result.
a child will bring back the peace on earth.
(bridge) x 2 - (chorus) x 2

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Son of Gods