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The Existence - lyrics


Started in the night,
a flash that we call life,
it came into a strife.
Just From the beginning it tried to reach the light,
then broke out the fight.
From the chaos emerged the existence.
It had to contend,
and it commenced to shift,
it was like a gift,
one day From the waters, the life began to extend
long and without end.
From the chaos emerged the existence.

Night of time,
it moulded the slime,
and it
from matter took out wit.

Into the existence,
the spirit could be prior.
Into the existence,
only beats one heart.
Into the existence
forever burns a fire.
Into the existence,
the whole's more than the parts.
The joy of life!

A species breed: the seed
Fighter to adapt: the apt.
To the air your breath: the death.
The existence summit events.
Maps of routines: the genes.
The tool to teach: the speech.
The vital germ: the sperm.
The existence summit events.
The spirit reign: the brain.
A living flood: the blood.
Where birthright dwell: the cell.
The existence summit events.
Being, soul and mind: Mankind.
The imprinted way: DNA.
The highlights of the life.

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