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At the Gates of Hell - lyrics

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Banned to the deeps of darkness
into the flaming shadows of earth
lives a decomposed goddess
damned daughter of the tricky Loki
Dogs like beasts guard her world
they stand by the fire gates
there's no life and there's no hope
once you cross the river of blood
She stands in Elvidner's throne
in the castle of Nifelheim
she watches the suffering burn
in the walls of her room
"Spirits of dead warriors flying around me
their damned souls condemned to (eternal) pain
they'll burn forever in this sea of fire
as I welcome them to these gates of mine
The smell of sulphur poisons the air
as the flames reach the top of the surface
I laugh at this burning times of war
as gods and men are drowned by the spell of death"
She's Hel, the cruel woman
half beauty and half beast
She's fire, blood and poison
not good or bad, just fair

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