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We Face our Fate As it has been Written
We face Our Death As it is Expected
We Face our Fate As the bloodshed starts
We face Our Death As we, Brothers, Fight
Stories we were told as we grew up into men, Ancient lore from The days of Yore
Became A prophecy we were to fulfill once we'd wield our swords in Battle
A wicked army rises from the darkness, A Giant Jötnar Leads them into Battle
As the lore foretold, All that is will end
We brace ourselves before the fated bloodshed and head into the battleground with spirit
As the gods march beside us we feel our lives about to end
Brothers! Fight for your lives
Brothers! Fight till they fail
Brothers! Fight for your lives
Brothers! Fight till you fall
Fighting and crying, Valkyries ride the sky above
Fighting and mourning our departed fellow warriors
Beneath the skies blazed with surtur flames, chaos, fear and bloodshed rule the world
Spreading blood of thousand foes so worthless our brother's fall won't come to be
May we be granted victory
We might have failed but indeed with pity we did not fought
We gave our lives to honour our brother's fall

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