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There is a rage growing inside me
A rage darker than the coldest night
Through the nine worlds
My wrath will be known
My father's shed blood won't be in vain
Fenrir, be aware
Your fate is about to end
By my hand you'll witness
The fury of a vengeful god
Witnessing the worlds falling apart
I won't cease to hunt you down
I may be all by myself
But don't misjudge my mournful heart
Face to face with my sworn enemy
Finally prepared to wedge war
The earth is shattering at our feet
Trembling with the sound
Of our battle cry
As I strike down the beast
I feel my father's strength
Die by my hands
By the hands of a fatherless son
Oden, allfather
Ruler of Asgaard
Be proud of your son
For I took revenge

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When Fire Engulfs the Earth