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We Can Not Fly So High - lyrics


When you smile into my face,
I see only empty space.
When your eyes burn hot like fire....
Yeah, I feel so alive!

Being close... There's something wrong...
We are a not a single whole.
What you feel, you hide inside?
So can we...

Stay free? Nothing else
Can bring happiness.
But never say: "Goodbye".
We can not fly so high!

Passion in our hearts
This is all we have for now
Never say: "Goodbye".
We can not fly so high!

Through your flesh I see your heart...
It will never be enough
You can feel my in the air... Yeah?
And there is nothing strange...

'Cause your soul lives in my veins.
And my breath lives in your plays.
Still we aren't a single whole?.
So can we...


We can not fly so high...
We can not fly so high...

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