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The Will Of Man - lyrics

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Your nature will not overcome you
My soul willed but my flesh can’t comprehend
In Your image, I pursued, to reach my end, fulfill my nous
Imperfection’s a fatal excuse to why I can’t seek Truth
I tried to use these filthy hands
I lied and claimed I’d understand
A crippled white flag waving in the winds of pride and shame
Never to succeed, I am a victim
You are the victor
I have been consumed
I refuse to walk down a path of destruction
Show me your will for me, God
I place it all in Your hands
Show me your Will for me
I place it all in your hands, it’s up to You my friend
Your nature will not overcome you
The failure of man is to not try
But to give in when left behind
I did this all
I did this all for you
Your white flagged waved while you were in my hands
All while I paved your plans
All I ask of you is for you to listen to me
And to keep moving when you're done bleeding
Be a man

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Written In Blood