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Lonely Cowboy - lyrics

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You blew into​ town like a hurricane
Dust cloud cleared and you were there one day
Well I don’t remember praying for a miracle
But I prayed that you would never go away
Oh, I thought you were my guardian angel
I thought your wings would keep me warm and dry
But you pecked me to the bone
And you left me here alone
And you spread your wings and flew into the sky
Now, what you know about the wilderness
What you know about lassoing a bear in the face, or how to kill a fish
How to skin and fillet it
Listen to what I dealing with
There ain't no hood in the world that gets as real as this
You can munch a sandwich up
Bruv, I'm a hunter, gatherer
Battling other scavengers
Might have to punch a challenger
Damage a hyena, vultures and all
Don't think I won't kick a wolf in the balls
I'm a loner, and roaming alone I got to be ready for anything
Even though my hearts been heaving since she left me
And she can kiss my horses ass, yeah, I'm lonely now
But, I'm the lonely cowboy, she's just a lonely cow
And now these plains are my house, she'll never spoil it
Grounds my lounge, lakes are my bath, woods are my toilet
Rolling stone, trust me, dusty roads are where my homes at
A man amongst the mountains, but nothing like Brokeback
Now, I'm just a lost and lonely cowboy
Stripped and burned out on this dusty plains
And god's mysterious ways ain't welcome here today
Cause there ain't no soul to save, just flesh and pain
Yeah, there ain't no soul to save, just flesh and pain

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