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All's quite now on the western front
But you never know what's above you
Chances are when you're down and tired
It's a lack of what you need inside you

So they say if you play their game
Well you'll never have much to lose
It's the life they chose and if you're one of those
Well you'll never have much to prove

Looking up
Looking out
Reaching in
Let it out

So you claim that you're not the same
It's just a dead end old part of town
Why pan for gold when the water's cold
You might as well lay face down and drown

Then you play their game yet you cry for change
And you always seem to miss your turn
You let them make tour bed rest your weary head
On a mattress that's been set to burn

That will never be me
I will always be free

Raise your heads
Open eyes
Smash down walls
See the lies

Lyrics was added by MissH

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