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1 Legged Man in an Ass Kicking Contest - lyrics


its like a ton of bricks on a busted back
you think youve got one up on me
you pull the wool over my eyes
now I cant even see
its like ive got one arm tied behind my back
how can I fight when I cant reach
they keep kicking but I know I wont fall you see
its just to easy to let them win, I cant retreat
I will not slow down till the sky my eyes can see
I wont let a ton of bricks smash me
sometimes I just can not look back
and if I do, I wont cut slack
been fooled before, ive been the sucker
I played the punk ive been the other
don't really care ill always suffer
one legged man pain knows no other
they keep on kicking but I know I wont fall
im going to show them all how to play hardball
I wont slow down until the sky my eyes
I wont let a ton of bricks smash me

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