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Lowlife - lyrics

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I can’t believe a single word you say.
I knew you hadn’t changed.
Still the same trash you were in the first place.
It’s time to deal with the life you’ve created.
You had it all and all you’ve done is waste it.
Like you are every time I see you.
These so-called friends will hate you soon
just like we do. (Just like we do.)
Mark my words you’ll look back
on everything that you managed to lose.
(So fuck you.)
This ends now.
Did you hear me?
This ends now.
Yeah I said it before, and I’ll say it again.
Yeah I said it before, because I know how it ends.
I can’t believe a damn word you say.
Still the same piece of trash
that you were in the first place.
No one gives a fuck about you.
Don’t play yourself out.
Your reputation has fallen apart,
and it’s crashing down on you.
Listen when I speak,
cause I speak the hard truth.
Don’t you come around and
beg my forgiveness on your hands
and knees with some fucked up fiction.
Are you really
that desperate for attention?
Don’t make me sick.

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