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Hieroglyphic - lyrics

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Visions hidden in the truth
Reveal the psychedelic wonders of the living creation
Etched into the existence
Omnipotent imprints of life
Celestial vortex internal
Inward spiral
Portal to the origins
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Sequencing evolutions
Paralleled dualities
Engraved into the fabric of creation/dimension
I can not believe what i now see before me
I see the image of man within the tetrahedron
Written in the constellations
Metamorphosis, prismatic crystal form
Metaphysical images of a man
Eternal scribe, voiceless mute speaking in signs
Symbolic imprints
High-speech divine
The spirit guides me
On my journey into Bindu
Meditation, i am free from the angel of the light
I am falling inward into the portal of the mind
Walking the sacred paths
Sri Yantra

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