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Escaping the Flesh So Adamant - lyrics

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Chase the soul of ancient passion
Spit the vermin of grandiloquent grace
Kharis touches my broken temple
Through repentance I greet Thy syzygies
Snakes ascending from the skies
Exhaling their rhymes of venom
I can see my very eyes in incarceration
Stranded in reality I escape to kenoma
Engulfing the bonfire of the pale moon
to gain the strength of Yesteryear
Walking the path of an endless circle
to reach the chalice of my crimson reward
Passing into a reflection of my shadow forevermore
Again I greet the celestial eagles
and offer my liver to their beaks
come with thunder, for I yearn the cold
numb my putrid flesh that reeks
Care for gold has long been lost
Give me blood, give me stones, give me dirt
I wish for the anchor of tranquilly grace
for I’m a worm sanguine since birth
Kings of Flesh, Flesh of Kings
Marking the return of the Stardust
Colossal flesh bearing your name
Prepare for return
Prepare for rebirth
Make me into one of those pillars
in your whitest temple

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