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Keeper's Encomium - lyrics

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Whispering Winds of Purity
Tenants of Olden Age
Vessels for my Soul
Mists embrace my Breath
as I am being guided
into the Harm’s Way
Last Remembrance echoes there
beyond The Fall
waits for Death receiving
deceiving the Wheels of Time
Whispers and Calls of Homage
Pro Gloria et Patria
Athwart the Wild blue Yonder
With the Vessels of my Soul
By the passing of my Conviction
At last I came to know
All the Contest of the Time
Has but tested my own soul
Stardust in Blood
Enfettered with Flesh
Fierce and Bold
Your Keeper, your Son
has grown reborn
Taken to Thy Face - The Northern Wall
To foreign eyes unknown
To Paths still never shown

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