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Scars of waiting and
standing strong
Slowly began to grow
A Heart's Decay
and Hatred haunts
The Hearth of my own Home
I've waited long,
I stood there strong
Witnessing the Decay
Burning forever, burning Shame
Within the cold embracing Flame
The Sun - burning cold
This is my Seasonal Bleeding
Killing the Shame of Treason
I feel no Pain, I feel no Shame
Burned to Darkness
the Heart's Decay
The Sun is never too late
The Sun will burn as great as ever
To end my Days
in the Flames of Light
Without my struggle
without a Fight
The Sun - The Sun will bleed
The Sun - The Sun will murder
Will end the Days of Darkness
Will bring eternal Peace of Mind
Will burn forever
Anguish and Delight

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Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding