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They call me Nasty, Denace gone mental.
He's 'bout to blow, better let your friends know, he's a psycho with a mic call him Micheal Meyers, haters greener than hydro! (x4)
[Verse 1:]
They wanna hate on me, then let 'em hate.
I was born with thicker skin then, oh well I can take.
Anything, any pressure, I could barely break.
Whoever dares to offend, I'll defend my state.
You got balls homie, talk the talk homie.
Can you walk the walk?
You're walkin' awkwardly.
You keep stalkin' me.
You wanna part of me?
You're better off catchin' sharks by the jaws and teeth.
Better pause the beef like I just paused the beat...
Beat your ass to a bloody pulp off your feet.
Bitch, mention my name, it will cost a fee.
You wanna cross me?
Go 'head, cross the T.
You fuckin' bitch bastard, turn my finger up.
Mixed, mastered, bitch plastered on the single nut.
Finger fuck the whole world, while I'm takin' dumps.
I don't give a fuck, bitch!
I'm, I'm crazy nuts.
[Hook x2]
[Verse 2:]
You're whack as fuck, your mouth smells like ass and nuts, your lyrics suck like fuckin' vacuum pumps.
You're a fuckin' punk, you bitch-made faggot.
"I can't stand you," well sit down, damn it!
I never asked for your opinions, did I?
Not today, not tomorrow, never will I, give a crap what you think, hope you realize that your thought's mean nothin' to this guy.
So please save yourself time and shut up?
All these hate letters you send, are cut up.
You dumb fuck, you're playin' Russian roulette, you're mad cause I'm gettin' paid, who's cuttin' the check?
I'm an entrepreneur; you're shit in a sewer.
Grass laid under manure, you under achiever.
I wanna believe you hate me, but you're drownin' in envy.
I know you love me deep down, so take back your two pennies. (You need it)
[Hook x4]
Oh, look at you talkin' all that gangsta shit!
You's a gangsta, huh?
Nah, you's a motherfuckin' bitch!
Shit, one day I'mma catch you motherfuckers that talk shit behind the PC cause you don't see me motherfucker!
But when I do, I'mma break your motherfuckin' neck, bitch!

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