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Infinite night.
Consumed by the shadows.
Open my eyes and the dark still lurks.
Putrefaction; a breath of oblivion.
Rotting souls haunting the wasteland.
My severed heart; fragments of existence, rotting away.
The void inside; Discontent, weary and ill.
A broken compass of moral treason.
Remorse plaguing the mind.
Yet I feel forgotten, forgotten, alone.
Follow the path of forgiveness to reminisce the sins committed.
A lonely road to purgatory, eternal judgement, it stands before me.
I weep in sorrow, I’ve become so hollow, devoid of my sanity.
Drowning in this suffering, this is not the fate I chose.
Desolate being, sermon defiled.
No way out of the nether realm.
Coping with the absolute, a slave to my immorality.
Grasping at life in death.
Damnation lies in flames.
Death graces despair.
The end of all eternity.
Deathless contrition; the murder of man.
Redemption. Eternal Penance. No way out of hell.

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Accursed Demise - Single