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Buried Affliction - lyrics

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Deprived of all reason, this occurrence surreal.
Can’t cope with the affliction, a bloodshed essential.
The apathy growing, my heart has turned numb.
Stake to the lungs to tarnish my thoughts,
feeding my need for revenge.
Shadow of departure; the mourning, the misery.
A haunting vision of what could have been.
Eternal ghost of my defeat.
Spectral compassion, lifeless remorse.
Fathom the need to emerge as a widower.
Gave you away to fulfill my fallacy.
Bewitched I lay besides her, barren and bound.
Necromantic, spellbinding murder.
Tortured by disorder, derangement of sin.
Desolate and dreary, her carcass beside me.
Mangled and mutilated to conquer my sickness.
Strained with this torment of envy and fear.
To not bear this burden; timeless absolution.
Rotting corpse exposed to mere filth,
victim of lust and the virtue of agony.
A night for the wicked, horrid rejoice.
Retribution honored through carnage.
An indisposed plot of enduring anxiety.
Improper burial.
My victim abandoned.
Ridding my grief.
Body asunder, I nail the coffin shut.
I take one last look at my departed rapture
as I bury my sorrow six foot deep.

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