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Pursuing the fog lights into the damp well below.
I follow the footsteps to carry out the evilest of deeds.
Sent from the abyss, tormented, alone.
What came to follow I didn’t know.
Promised good fortune for a small fee, I signed my soul away; so the devils may feed.
Vowed to commit a crime, boundless restitution in return.
Onward to the depths below, that’s where I saw him.
Broken and beaten, left withered and senseless.
Begging for mercy, terror and fear.
I close my eyes and lay down the hatchet.
Silence befalls, perception crumbles around me.
My chronicle unfolding, rush spreads throughout my veins, I grasp for one last breath.
Sequential cerebral motion.
Impending fate, the horror unravels.
Voiceless redemption, time stands still.
Putrid smell starts filling the air.
The process of degeneration engaged.
Quickly discharging.
My soul is grasping for flesh as I feel it slipping away.
Bask into the darkness, bleak halls fading to black.
Preach! For Empyrean!
Vultures assembling, the wolves are gathering.
Preach! For Empyrean!
The pale horse approaches, death lays before me.
Slip out of consciousness as my body is birthed into remission.
Lucid dreaming into the afterlife, I meet my demise.
Home at last; this sense of release.
I can feel him; I can hear the reaper calling my name.
Death stares me in the eyes as i start to fade away.
My tainted corpse lingers before being taken to the grave.

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