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Human Decay - lyrics

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Mindless parasites grinding the gears of society.
The intake of defecation taking its toll.
A race of human waste, wasting away.
Being handed our doom.
Assenting our fate.
Slaves to an adversely systemized dominance.
Governance through bloodshed.
Global extinction.
Manipulated, spiraling towards insanity.
Weak minded, brainwashed and speechless.
Nothing short of maggots for hire.
Mass production of trepidation, discord reigning over thee.
Two faction system; illusion of verdict.
All for a greater power, a jurisdiction above.
The mongrel’s true master; the hydra derives.
Prevailing all life, bestowing all death.
Controlling the masses, nourishing the beasts.
Suppression, decimation, despair.
A world sized casket draining all life.
Profit-driven decay of a world and it's guts.
A derelict authority.
Expectorate our youth, abolish our rights.
Entomb our values, endeavors, our allies.
Tied to this planet, bound to these leaders.
A dismal day for humanity.

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