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Son Of Perdition - lyrics

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Here lies the burrow of ruination,
the harbinger of darkness.
Death awaits the common mortal.
Once wicked breath now buried asunder,
unravelment of true inducement emerges.
Pursue the footsteps of evil down to the cavernous lairs below.
There stood thee.
Hastily approaching the sepulchral chambers,
incandescence becoming apparent.
Wretched stench starts to consume the soul.
Antichrist stands before my eyes.
His paralyzing gaze, watching you fade.
Antichrist stands before my eyes.
Wrathful grin, pierces within.
Chained and left for starvation, enslaved into regret.
Forced allegiance to the infernal realm,
whipped into obedience.
Draining your senses he lies within.
Enthralled for no purpose, obliged false salvation.
The torturous woes are never forgotten,
as the insanity sinks in.
Passage unto death, freed from reality.
Enfold the rebirth, a sinner anew.
Approach your new age of depravity;
embrace the nether world.
Because truth is, we all go to hell.
Purge your life.
Free your soul.
Cleanse all sin.
Burn in hell.

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