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The H Factor - lyrics


Traces of speech
Is all I see as I
Read through lines of
Hyper real track

Traces of land
Crossover heads
Is all I see as I
Is all I see as I

Plug and play this madness
Light speed of joy and sadness

Time eats space, simulacrum age
Of copies with no Matrix
No, to view is not to comprehend at all
Imagination enclosed in squares with third dimension
Used to spectator's point of view

Ad. flavored crumbs
Signing this track
Within personality glide into past
Go to ground in a habit forming world
We are but observers of surplus
Thwarted by a barrier of connections

Metropolitan humus enriched
With Factor H, the Factor H
“Human active principle
For beehive of people
In Disneyfied dreamy depots
Where's the limit between
You and what you see
I wonder, nomad walker
The natural in human dies
And everything else comes alive

Copies with no Matrix
Squares with third dimension

All we know is visualized
All we live in is disneyfied
All we see is cathodyfied
All we live in is disneyfied
All we feel is electrified
All we live in is disneyfied

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